Discover the hidden secrets of how you can get NGN100,000 credit alert to your bank account in the next 1 hour!!! Guaranteed

Are You Interested In Making NGN100,000 In The Next 1 hour? Guaranteed Income! With Rain Gold Investment Program


Rain Gold Investment

The most legitimate method of earning money online and turning your cash into profit.



Rain Gold, the most tested and trusted cash investment scheme


The image above shows a proof of earnings of Rain Gold sent to me buy someone I introduced to the business just this month. She's a trader and she's already enjoying the benefits of Rain Gold.

What Is Rain Gold?

Rain Gold is an Investment Program and a Global Online Business Company. They are the pioneers of a cash investment scheme founded in the USA in 2005 but launched in Nigeria in June 2015. With Rain Gold, if you invest your cash, you get 5 times or 8 times of your capital in the next 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes, guaranteed. The program was only available to Americans, but now, it has been brought to Nigeria. So its a great news that Nigerians and Africans can now participate easily.


20K  X 5 100K 1 hour 30 minutes
40K  X 5 200K 1 hour 30 minutes
80K  X 8 640K One hour
100K  X 8 800K One hour

The company says that for now, you cannot invest more than 100k since they are still testing out the Nigerian investment markets. This year makes it their 3rd year in Nigeria and once it reaches 5 years, the option of investing any amount would be made available. Maximum investment is pegged at 100k for Nigerian nationals. Though higher investments is available in other countries such as USA where you can invest up to $3,000 which is 1.1M in Nigerian currency.

So if you invest 20k, you will times it by 5 to get the amount you will receive which is 100,000. If you invest 40k you will also times it by 5 to get the amount you will receive which is 200,000. If you invest 80k, you will multiply by 8 to get the profit which is 640k and if you invest 100k, you will times by 8 to get the amount you will earn which is 800k. All in a space of 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes depending on the plan you are on.


After successful withdrawal of your profit, you can always re-invest, again and again. And the good thing is that payout is within 1 hour-1 hour 30 minutes based on your investment plan. Those going for the small plans of 20k and 40k will be paid in 1 hour 30 minutes, while those going for the big plans  (80k-100k) will be paid in 1 hour instantly. The program is very real and wonderful. Many top investors and politicians  would really run mad if they discover that I have leaked their secret. Yes, this is the business they do. They have been doing it secretly. But today, the secret is open. Thank your stars that you stumbled on this page. You can now participate and earn.

Your dream car and house is possible with this business. Its better you invest your money in this than to allow it sleep in the bank while the bank uses your money to trade.

Let your money work for you and reap the fruit of your labour with this genuine online business program.  

Here is the process of investing in Rain Gold as seen on the company's site - Number 1 Cash Investment & Investment Site Worldwide. 100% Tested and Trusted.

When You Invest Your Money With Rain Gold Investments

Rain Gold promises to pay you times 5 of what you invested or times 8 of what you invested in a space of 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes depending on the plan that you are on.

Now here's the catch

Within that period of 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes that you are waiting to collect your profit, Rain Gold trades with the money quickly and re-invests the money online immediately into business like Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), Forex, Gold Bars, Stocks (shares) etc. They make their own profit from these platforms within a space of 30 minutes to be able to pay you within the 1 hour deadline.

Rain Gold is a global and international investment company so they are very skilled in high yield investment programs and they know how to monitor and control the investment markets for the benefit of both you and them.

Your investment is 100% secure and guaranteed and you will be paid whether or not Rain Gold makes profit or not. That is the key of business, an agreement is an agreement. So they pay you regardless of any problem on their end as that is not of any concern to you.

This is 100% sure. Rain Gold International has never failed in payment, they have never defaulted in payment, not even once! Not ever! Once you invest, you see your profit in 1 hour or 1 hour 30 mins. Guaranteed.

Take for example banks! We all deposit our money in banks without fear of if the bank will pack up or collapse tomorrow. If any Nigerian bank packs up today, that is none of our business as we can all go to our various branches and request our money and we would be paid.

Another thing about banks is that, bank trades with our money too. If you go to your bank and deposit 50k, you are depositing that money without expecting any interest, but a business man would come to borrow money, and the bank would give him the loan with an interest of 15% or whatever!

The money the banks loans to all these business men, whose money do you think it is? Its our money! But we save and get no interest only debits and charges here and there. But the bank loans out our money to business people for higher interest. That is called TRADING! Who's the fool? Who's the smart one?
The banks of course is the smart one! They have have taken advantage of the masses enough, that is why this new and innovative solution is here, and its here to stay forever.



Step 1.

First Step Is To Register Your Investment Account

Visit and click on register fill in all your information, make sure you enter your bank details correctly to enable them pay you swiftly without any delay. Registration is FREE and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the application process to join this great program.


Once you have successfully registered.

Step 2.

Second Step Is To Add Them On WhatsApp
After successful registration, add any of their Investment consultants on WhatsApp using any of these numbers +15402680577 or +15163660263. Copy the number as is with the plus sign and add to your contacts. Or you can click here and here to add their reps on WhatsApp easily.

NOTE - Add them with the exact number without editing. It is an American number just like ours start with +234, theirs start with +1.
Step 3.

Third Step Is To Select Your Investment Package

After adding any of their representatives on WhatsApp, engage them in a chat and they will give you all their investment plans, profit and duration to collect your income (in hours) They will give you all the plans available. Follow their steps and transfer the amount you wish to invest to the accounts they provide to you and relax while you watch the magic happen.

Step 4.

Fourth Step Is To Receive Your Profit

Once you have successfully transferred the investment amount to the accounts provided to you, all you need to do is to wait for 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes as your Cash will be invested and you will receive your instant credit alert to the bank account you put while registering.

Before I continue the explanations on how to Make Money Online With Rain Gold. Please permit me to ask you a few questions!

Have you been looking for a fast and reliable way to make money online in Nigeria?

Are you a student and you are looking for a way to make money online in Nigeria to sustain yourself in school?

Are you a graduate, fresh from the university and you are looking for a means to make money online in Nigeria because jobs are scarce these days?

Are you a youth corper looking for a genuine way to earn good money online while you serve your country?

Are you a housewife or nursing mother currently at home and you need a way to earn real money online while you stay home and support the family?

Are you a business man or woman that needs an extra source of income to supplement or boost your current business?

Are you a working class or career person and you are looking for a business to do alongside your current job to serve as your second source of income?

Have you started a business and failed lots of times and you are currently looking for a final bus stop to your business problems?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions I asked above, then believe me, RAIN GOLD International Investments is the end to your financial worry. It is the last Bus Stop!

My dear upcoming millionaire, if you have a browsing Android phone, BlackBerry, iPhone, laptop or desktop or Tab with an internet subscription and you are still wasting away sitting at home or going up and down looking for a job or who will give you connection, truth is that, you are on a wild goose chase. On a really long thing! Because there are no jobs again, there are also no connections for the average class like us. Everything has been diverted for the rich and the ruling class. That is why I want to coach you on how to make money online in Nigeria today

Truth is that, with over 91 million users from Nigeria and over 28% of the Nigerian population using the internet,  the internet has evolved, and its now by far,  a well accommodating and spacious platform, open for everybody, where serious minded individuals can make money online in Nigeria big with very little stress and investment. 

I want you to change your thoughts and perception today. I want you to stand up and personally challenge yourself today by Becoming RICH. I want you to promise yourself that you will make money online in Nigeria before the end of this month

By doing that, you will completely shame everyone one who never believed in you and prove them wrong.
Here's the simple truth-:  "You are the only one that can turn your life around and change it for the better", You asking WHY? Well, its simply because you have all the capacity and capabilities right there in your hands! You can make money online in Nigeria if you believe that you can do it.


"If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand." - Steve Harvey

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." - Oliver Napoleon Hill

You have no excuse!

And the amazing secret about this newly found online business is that you can make money from it immediately. Yes, within the space of 1 hour 30 minutes. You don't have to waste any time or wait for many months to cash out.


You make money within 1 hour 30 minutes

It doesn't matter your sex or gender

It doesn't matter your social class or status

It doesn't matter your tribe or religion

It doesn't matter your academic qualification

  It doesn't matter your age or experience.

It doesn't matter your state of origin or region

You don't have to be a computer guru or expert


Please Take Your Time & Scroll Through The Amazing Benefits Anyone Who Is Committed To This Online Business Would Receive

With the RAIN GOLD Investments, you will simply achieve everlasting inflow of cash such that, you will be able to make good money in a very easy and yet TIME-SAVING way. The online business isn't in anyway time consuming and you can make money from it at your own pace and still have enough money to live your life and do other things you wish.

You will be added to the RAIN GOLD INVESTMENTS WhatsApp group and Facebook group and you would be a lifetime member. The group is a self made Millionaire group for upcoming millionaires who are doing this Rain Gold business. It is a group which connects all the people doing this business in Nigeria. Once you join, be rest assured you'll be updated on the latest trends in the RAIN GOLD BUSINESS. You would also be able to discuss, interact and share mutual ideas with other Nigerians doing this business.

Also, this is not like the regular internet money making schemes that you have always been seeing on the internet. This online business stands out as a unique step in the right direction and is exclusively for all those who want to turn their life around for good by earning money the easy way.

Its an unending business which lasts for a lifetime and there is actually no limit to how much you can make once you being your journey into online business. This business has no deadline or end date and the sweetest thing is that your payments to directly into your bank account in Nigeria with no hidden costs or foul play.

This business will give you the opportunity to own a business of your own where you keep all the profits and you can kiss your annoying boss goodbye. A boss who doesn't really care about your wellbeing or how much he pays you per month. The business will liberate you from that suffering.

RAIN GOLD INVESTMENTS will ensure that you have enough free time to spend with your family, loved ones and friends, since the business is not time consuming neither is it a deadline oriented business where you have to meet-up with time and targets. You will be able to shame all those who thought you will never make it and prove to them that you can be somebody in life as well.

  • If you're tired of being broke and you want to start a business that will be bringing profits everyday.

  • If you want to start a business that will be producing cash on demand, a business that will bring a huge amount of satisfaction and peace.

  • If you are a student and want a business to do so you'll never lack money ever again in school

  • If you are a graduate and you are tired of trekking up and down or jumping from one bus to the other applying for jobs that have already been reserved for the big men children

  • If you are currently working and want to invest your free time in a profitable business that is sure of bringing good profits everyday.

  • If you want to have more free time to spend with your family and friends, if you want to have a business that will give you the freedom and peace you have ever wanted.

  • Also, if you want to stop living from hand to mouth, this online business is for you. This business is guaranteed to start producing real cash if implemented well.

I can categorically say that, this online business is specifically for you if you want one or more of the benefits as listed above. So what next? I advice you head to their site and join immediately.


Small Plans:

Invest 20,000 and get 5 times profit =100,000 (what you will receive)

Invest 40,000 and get 5 times profit =200,000 (what you will receive)

Big Plans:

Invest 80,000 and get 8 times profit =640,000 (what you will receive)

Invest 100,000 and get 8 times profit =800,000 (what you will receive)

I do advice anyone I refer to start with the small plans first if they are scared or in doubt as they can always scale up once they see the business is real.





Check Out Some Proofs Of Earnings & Testimonies Of Some People I Introduced To This Program.

I could have kept this program to myself and made all the money in the world, but I felt within me that it was not right to do so. Since someone helped me by revealing this program to me, I believe I can change your story too by introducing you to this. As they say, we rise by lifting others. This is my last alert below.

Now see below the alert received by a student I introduced to the business just this month of September. A 200 Level student for that matter.

Too good to be true? Well, a trial will convince you. Why your mates are making money secretly, don't "dull" yourself and be doubting everything you see. The more minutes you waste thinking every program is a scam, the more your mates and peers are cashing out, buy new properties, building houses, buying lands. And when you see them lavishing their hard earned money, you will come with "bad belle" and call them yahoo yahoo or blood money, not knowing that their source of income is a legitimate investment program called Rain Gold International.

Some of the people who have used this methods outlined in the advert in the past had to even send me extra money after been wowed with how the methods helped them discover an easy income stream. I mean it. You are likely to do same.

So, it's definitely your choice to or not to let this offer pass you by.

I'm too confident that Rain Gold contains the exact strategies to lunch your own online business with little or no capital from home...

However, I'm afraid you may have one problem... and that is... "will you take up this offer and utilize this opportunity or you would let it pass you buy as usual because you are afraid of scam?"

Secure the bag now! Time waits for no man. Join me and other Millionaires as we make Millions from Rain Gold endlessly.

I have to go now, I just received another alert from Rain Gold, let me use my money to buy hot cat fish pepper soup.

To your business success,


You can place your comments below. Please be mindful of what you post. Keep all comments respectful.


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Comments (Showing 1-20 of 35)

Posted by Linda 6 hours ago

I have been hearing about RAIN GOLD Investments for quite some time now, has anyone tried this? does it still work. Thanks o

Posted by Bisola 5 hours ago

Yes, I just joined RAIN GOLD Investments. I have collected money once from it. I used 20k to collect 100k. Its real o. I will keep you guys posted if I re-invest again and they deliver.

Posted by James 5 hours ago

Well, I joined 6 months ago and I got the information about it through a big uncle of mine that has built 2 houses here in Calabar. So this is the business he has been doing. Haba. I am so disappointed that I learnt about it late. The program is very real and it works.

Posted by Ayodeji 4 hours ago

I am ready to join Rain Gold, but I have not opened a bank account yet. Is there any other way I can be paid??

Posted by Uche 4 hours ago

Please can someone explain to me how it works, I am not really an expert with internet businesses. To be honest, I am a little worried, as I don't know if it would work for me too and bring in good results??


Posted by Usman 3 hour ago

This business is wonderful and the best thing to happen to me. I just received another alert again. Yes, another payment, just right now. I am actually surprised as to the way the money keeps pouring in like rain water. Wow, with the way things are going, I will be buying a nice car before this year runs out. @ Uche, you just need to register on fill in all your info including bank details, then add their reps on WhatsApp with +15402680577. They will give you their investment plans available and the profit you will get. Then give you the account to pay the investment sum. Once you pay, send them the screenshot and wait 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins to receive your alert! So wonderful. If you invest 20k, you will get 100k, if you invest 40k, you will get 200k and so on...


Posted by Peter 3 hours ago

With the way 419 and internet fraud are rampant these days, I am really impressed that there are still trustworthy Companies and trustworthy ways to earn money online. I was doubting at first to join any internet business until I saw this one. In fact, when I was transferring the investment sum, I had already put in my mind that I was throwing money away. Eventually, I have made a lot since 3 weeks ago that I joined. @ Ayodeji, you need to have a working bank account. That's where all your money and earnings will go to, this is not like those time wasting business that ask for Paypal or all those nonsense.

Posted by Remi 2 hours ago

Hey guys, I think I should share my success story and good news with you all. Its about 14 days since I started this internet business and joined RAIN Gold, truth is, I have made over 500k! yes o. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't stumble on this business, because I am always constantly harassed by my boss in the office. I think its time I quit that annoying job.

Posted by Chike 2 hours ago

Remi, your story is really touching and its nice to hear from you. I am happy that Rain Gold is working for you and you are earning good money. About quitting your job, I think that is the best thing to do for now, to have peace of mind. .

Posted by Eghosa 15 minutes ago

 I actually attended a business seminar a while back on this same internet business but I still didn't believe it, until my ex girlfriend bought a Toyota Camry 2.2 valued about 800k. I was shocked and one of her friends told me they are into Rain Gold. Omo, I went on to join ASAP, I won't miss this opportunity this time around. I have just paid the investment amount for RAIN Gold now and hoping to collect my gain in the next 1 hour 30 minutes. Thanks for all the comments, it gave me more confidence.

Posted by Niyi 15 minutes ago

Bros John, why you dey cast this program??? Please take this post down. You don't know that anything Nigerians pack themselves into will eventually spoil. Let those that know about it continue to enjoy, and those that don't know, na their concine. Please we don't need new members.

Posted by Ifeanyi 13 minutes ago

RAIN GOLD business got me my first car and paid for my Masters few months ago. Once you are ready to do it, use one mind and put in your cash, life itself is a risk. If you keep doubting, your mates will leave you and go. Even Dangote and Otedola risk a lot before they reach where they are today. If you keep on doubting, when the real one comes your way, fear will not allow you proceed, you will remain where you are. Anyway, when you receive the alert, you will nearly piss for body and scream. Lol. Though I'm regretting not joining on time...this is really an eye opener.

Posted by Kome 11 minute ago

Wow! @Niyi you are very heartless. Telling Mr John to take the post down. You want to chop alone abi. You will die alone ooo. Sir John, thanks for letting us know about this, as soon as I receive my allawee, I will invest. I am a corper. I just hope its not too late by then as I don't have money now. Or I might just borrow.

Posted by Terwase 10 minute ago

I think I am in support of what @Niyi says. This business is too precious to me and I don't want it to die. The way these government are owing civil servants salaries, this has been what that is sustaining my family for months now. Please take this post down. Nothing like be your brothers keeper in Nigeria again. The same person you help today in Nigeria is the same person that will come back and stab you at the back. You might think you are helping Nigerians by revealing this business but it is the same people you are helping that will come on the platform and start doing all sorts of fraud, next thing we will hear that Rain Gold has banned Nigerians or the program has crashed. Please oh. God forbid. You know Nigerians abuse everything they lay their hands on.

Posted by Efetobore 7 minutes ago

Warri sha no dey carry last ooo. Na with fear I use put my money for inside this one, and them pay me oooo. I for crase say dem scam me as warri boy wey I be. AREA! Una go hear am tonight.

Posted by Chima 7 minutes ago

You all arguing whether they should take this post down or not because you don't want others to benefit from this. I laugh at you all. My own ideology of life is. The sky is big for all birds to fly and the sea is wide enough for all fishes to swim. I have been into RAIN GOLD since January and I have made millions from it and I have told almost everybody I know in my school Unizik. There is nothing bad in helping your neighbour.

Posted by Tosin 6 minutes ago

John, I will also like to state here that I APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORT in making people have access to this WONDERFUL KNOWLEDGE, ESPECIALLY YOUNG GRADUATES LIKE ME that eally want a financial breakthrough in a very clean way.
Thanks and God bless.

Posted by Danjuma 6 minutes ago

"Timely! For a long time Nigerians have desired to join the league of nations that have access to money making on the web. This Rain Gold Investment scheme has brought home to Nigerians the full platform we need. I will encourage every person who desires to make money on the web to join this program. It will empower you. Kudos to John for a job well done."

Posted by Sunny 5 minutes ago

I am not here to talk too much. All I want to say is RAIN GOLD is here to stay and bless you John for learning about this program and not keeping it to yourself. Nigeria will be better with people like you.

Posted by Akpevwe 5 minutes ago

Loool! I can't believe I tried this and it actually paid me! What a relief. I have lost over 65k since 2014 that I started looking for online business to do. I said I would risk this one, and if I get ripped, it would be my last trial in anything online. I risked it and they didn't disappoint. I am so Glad! Thanks to Rain Gold and all the members in Nigeria and worldwide for sustaining the growth of this program. I will talk about this business in my school dept group chat.

I wish you all success as you utilize this great opportunity and not beat around the bush.

John Okobi

I am on Facebook, you can Click here to Add me.

You can reach me here for any enquiries -

08164429779 (Call & WhatsApp)


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